Friday February 23rd, 2018
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Athletic Teams

Boys Girls

Softball (Grade 5-8)

Volleyball (Grade 5-8)

Basketball (Grade 5-8)

Basketball (Grade 5-8)

Track (Grade 3-8)

Track (Grade 3-8)


Cheerleading (Grade 6-8)

All participants on sports teams must receive a physical examination from a doctor before practicing or playing on any team.  Students will need to provide combination locks for their lockers in the locker room.

Students in Grades 3 & 4 may be eligible to play sports only if there are not enough students in grades 5-8 for a team.

Third and Fourth grade students who participate in track only may sign a waiver, eliminating the need for a physical.



Zion will have a cheerleading squad made up of girls in grades 6, 7, & 8 who will cheer at home games only, unless scheduled by the athletic director and cheerleading supervisor.  All girls wishing to participate will be included on the squad.  A staff member or designated adult will be present to supervise all practices and games.


Eligibility Policy

Every Friday starting with the second week of the quarter, teachers will check the eligibility of students in their class who are participating in athletic activities.  Eligibility is based on effort according to ability, based on the following standards:

Eligibility is determined week by week.  If a student raises his/her grades by the end of the next week, he/she becomes eligible again.  An ineligible week consists of Sunday through Saturday.

Students who are ineligible may not actively participate in games, or meets.  Students who are ineligible are expected to attend practice after they work on deficient areas and/or homework for up to one hour with the teacher, coach, or athletic director.  The athletic program is under the direction of the Athletic Director.



Athletic teams will be allowed to ride the school bus to games/meets at no charge.  Two adults will be with the bus unless the bus is followed by another one of our vehicles in order to provide help in an emergency.  All drivers must drive the speed limit.  All drivers must provide a copy of their proof of insurance with expiration date and policy number and a copy of their driver's license.  Drivers are responsible to see that students clean up any trash left on the floor before leaving the bus.  Riding in the back of pickup trucks is not permitted.

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