Friday February 23rd, 2018
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"Scrip now" refill your card with no wait !

Tired of trying to get that check to the school for your scrip order!

 Set up your presto pay account today and it will come right out of your checking account. To do this just sign into your shop with scrip account and select presto pay on the left hand side of menu. After you enter all your information it will give you a code that must be given to me to release your account for payment. You may text or email me the code. Once it is released, you will have the option to do presto pay for all your orders.




Scrip is a way to do your everyday shopping and earn money for our school.  The school will purchase gift certificates at a discounted rate from local business’s and Great Lakes Scrip, and then in turn sell it to our church members and school parents at face value.  For example, if you wanted a $10.00 gift certificate from I.G.A., I would purchase it for $9.00 and sell it to you for $10.00.  You then go to I.G.A. and spend the $10.00 just like cash.  No catch.  You have earned your school $1.00 just by doing your grocery shopping.  For more information, you can visit the Great Lakes website




The gift cards look exactly as they would if you went into a store and purchased a gift card yourself.  For instance, if Kohl’s has a plastic gift card in the store, then that is what you will receive.  No one will know that you purchased your gift card through Scrip.  Your friends who receive a gift card will think you traveled to Springfield or wherever to get the gift card.





There are two ways to order scrip.



  1) The first way is to pick up a Scrip form from your child, church mail box, or the school office.  Please fill it out and return to the office or church mail box with your check made out to Zion Lutheran Scrip or send cash in a sealed envelope if you can.

  2) The second way to order Scrip is on the website.  The first thing you will need to do is click on "not a member yet" under the orange member’s login box on the middle right hand side of your screen.  It will ask you for your email address, a password, address, and date of birth.  Please fill this in, press accept, and then continue.  It will then ask you for an enrollment code.  Contact Jim Wreath for the enrollment code.  Enter the code and press next.  It will prompt you to choose Zion Lutheran School and then pick next.  You can immediately start ordering.  Our local businesses are found under extra stuff.  Once you have ordered, please print the receipt and turn in the money and receipt to the school office or church mailbox.




Please don't stop ordering just because you have trouble filling out the paper or using the computer.  Please give the Scrip coordinator, Jim Wreath, a call at 217-324-3581. He will try to help you the best he can.




The money is used to purchase items and for general operations of the school.  So far your support of the Scrip program has allowed us to purchase a new computer, new table & chairs and bookshelves for the library, new blinds for the Kindergarten room, and we have been able to put money towards the general operations of the school.  The money is truly a blessing to the children.


                                          Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. 2 Cor. 9:15

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